Serving our neighbors by rebuilding a community

The King’s Garden

Action takes many forms for The King’s Garden as we serve individuals, families, and the community as a whole – community bonfires, kids programs, House Gatherings, community cleanups and more. The epic March 2019 flood, which devastated most of the King Lake community, instantly changed much of what we do on a daily basis. We are now deeply committed to the rebuilding of the community, which means managing the reconstruction efforts and meeting all the peripheral needs. We have depended on the many volunteers who have donated their skills and time generously.

We remember in early 2020 being so encouraged by the number of skilled teams from all over the country who were scheduled to come help rebuild homes through the summer. And we remember mid-March when that number plummeted to almost zero overnight due to Covid-19. Progress ground almost to a halt, and would have stayed that way if it weren’t for the few dedicated local volunteers who continued to help.

As spring emerges, there will be more opportunities to serve the community even for those without carpentry skills. We want to be sure the environment reflects the love and care that has gone into the rebuilding of the homes in the community.