Be there no matter what.

TeamMates Mentoring Program; Learn more: https://teammates.org; Photo credit: Andy & OrionĀ 

Action is making the commitment to be there no matter what. Even during the pandemic, our matches have met virtually through our new TeamMates Portal or in person. We work each and every day to get our matches meeting so that we can fulfill our duty as promise keepers.

When the pandemic hit last year, schools shut down and matches had to stop meeting. The TeamMates Central Office worked diligently over the summer to develop an online portal for matches to continue meeting if in-person meetings weren’t an option.

Finally, our first match met virtually in September 2020. Though in-person meetings are still considered best practice, the virtual portal makes it possible for us to be there no matter what. We’re continuing to support our matches by offering portal trainings and tips to develop strong, long-lasting relationships in a virtual world.

Our #1 goal right now is to give our kids hope. Studies have shown children are facing mental health challenges during the pandemic with the stress of inconsistency. We want our mentors to be able to give our mentees an opportunity to talk without judgement, and give them something consistent to look forward to each week.