Moisture and mold issues are a common healthy housing issue OHKA mitigates for our families

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Alicia contacted OHKA in March of 2020, concerned about mice and other pests that were getting into the house. This was especially concerning because Alicia has a grandchild with asthma who regularly stays at her home and whose symptoms are triggered by pests. Alicia was also worried about water leaking into the basement of the home. OHKA inspectors found that the water in the basement was being caused by broken gutters. Additionally, there were many cracks and holes in the foundation that pests were using to get into the home.

Through OHKA’s construction program Alicia’s gutters were fixed and cleaned and she was provided with new downspout extenders to stop water from getting into her home. OHKA staff also brought pest control out to Alicia’s home and provided her with the supplies to stop the mice and other rodents that were getting through the foundation.