Sustainable Financial Future for Everyone

Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation (MLCDC); Learn more: www.midlandslatinocdc.org; Photo credit: Juan Montoya

What does action look like in MLCDC? Before Claudia Carabantes became a licensed daycare provider in Omaha, she lived in El Salvador. She decided to live in Nebraska with her relatives when she heard about the myriad of opportunities that the United States provides to all individuals. She believes the United States is a great place to live and to really achieve opportunities. She began her daycare business with Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation and has been a client of MLCDC for the past two years.

MLCDC provided Mrs. Carabantes the resources she needed to obtain a daycare license, CPR, and first aid certification. She took classes that taught her how to maintain a successful daycare business and early child development classes. She opened her own daycare because wanted a job that would allow her to watch her own children. Her favorite part about being a daycare provider is being able to teach the children and help them grow. She believes that it is important to provide children with healthy thoughts that coexist in a pleasant atmosphere.

Mrs. Carabantes goals for the future are to have a thriving business and to be able to open another daycare. She wants to contribute to the community by providing services to mothers who need a daycare provider while returning to work to provide for their families. She states that the most valuable qualities that a childcare provider must have are patience and affection. She explained that she would not have been able to create her daycare without the help of Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation.