Inspiring connection through creativity

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Debra has always been crafty. She crochets, draws, and embroiders. She also tries to make the best of every situation.

So when she was talking to a friend and fellow guest at MICAH House about the plain white masks they were given, Debra decided to put her skills to work. She rounded up all her supplies and began to create.

With her pens and fabric markers, Debra drew. She took requests for specific drawings, designed masks for each of the holidays, and then gifted her creations to staff and clients.

Debra would get to know others through her work on the masks. She asked the women staying in the shelter to join her, and she began to teach them too.

Throughout her time at MICAH House, Debra created more than 100 masks and never stopped working towards her goals. Next week, Debra will move into her own apartment.

We are so grateful for Debra. She brought joy to MICAH House with her colorful designs and tenacious spirit – and we are proud of the next steps she will take.