Action Looks Like Learning, Now Remotely

Kids Can Community Center; Learn more: https://kidscan.org

Action at Kids Can was being one of the first and few nonprofit childcare centers to re-open and remain open during this pandemic.

When COVID came to our community, Kids Can closed to assess the situation. Literally overnight, everything changed. The halls went silent, the playground was still and classrooms sat empty. For an organization that prides itself on always being open for families all day and every day, this was a tough decision in unprecedented times.

After closing for only two weeks to clean our facility and implement new safety protocols, Kids Can realized we needed and wanted to be there for families, particularly parents who are working in essential jobs. Parents were and still are in a difficult predicament of continuing to work while ensuring their children are safe. “I work at a grocery store and don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t take my kids to Kids Can during the day,” said parent, Debra Salcedo.

Kids Can Community Center was founded in 1908. Known as Social Settlement during its first century of service, we have been there for our citizens during depressions, world wars, and pandemics. CEO Robert Patterson said, “We were there for each of our families then, we are there for them now, and we will be there for future generations.”