Action looks like showing kids that barriers can be overcome.

Jobs for America’s Graduates Nebraska (JAG NE); Learn more: www.jagnebraska.org; Photo credit: JAG Nebraska

For Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Nebraska, action looks like showing kids that barriers can be overcome.

Taylor graduated from High School this past May. She was a good student, but she was no stranger to conflict and trauma. Her step-father died of Pancreatic Cancer a couple years ago, which was incredibly hard on her and her family. When Taylor decided she wanted to go straight into the workforce after graduation, JAG Nebraska was able to provide the support she needed to identify her strengths and some careers that interested her.

After taking assessments and exploring various careers, Taylor decided she would like to work in a position that utilized her skills in math. Even though she graduated in May during the pandemic, JAG Nebraska was able to line her up with an interview for an Accounts Payable position at Commonwealth Electric, a local electrical contractor. Taylor blew them away in her interview, and she was hired. Taylor has been working for Commonwealth Electric since July and is doing amazing!

Taylor’s supervisor, Jake, said, “Taylor is hard working, has a great attitude and picked up everything she was taught quickly.”

Commonwealth offers full benefits and great advancement opportunities. Taylor has repeatedly said how grateful she is for this opportunity. This career has allowed her the financial security to rent her first apartment and move out on her own.

“Taylor can have a career for life if she wants it,” Jake said.

JAG Nebraska serves more than 266 students across the state. They are here to help students develop their skillsets and overcome hurdles so they are set up for success in the classroom and the workplace.