Covid Can’t Stop Us

International Council for Refugees and Immigrants (ICRI); Learn more: www.icrius.org

When you grow up in a refugee camp, you don’t ever know when things will get better. All you can do is hope to get out and have the same opportunities as the children you hear about in stories. Then, when you finally think things are going to be easier you only get met with people speaking words you don’t understand and looking at you like you’re crazy. Your parents become overwhelmed and distraught. You want to help them but you are so confused about what is happening with your life that you don’t know where to start. It is as if things getting better doesn’t exist. There is however something that gives hope- having a mentor that has shared experiences and language. Even during a pandemic, things can get better when you have someone alongside you. In this picture, you can see that Covid Can’t Stop Us at ICRI. We have connected, we have innovated, we have persevered-just like the people we serve. Things will get better.