Action looks like simply loving kids.

The Hope Center for Kids; Learn more: www.hopecenterforkids.com

Action at The Hope Center simply means loving kids. While we’ve faced many challenges over the past year, God has been with us in every step. When our after-school and summer programs were temporarily closed, we loved on kids and families in our neighborhood by serving over 30,000 meals. During that same time, we secured and awarded scholarships to graduating seniors. We participated in Step-Up Omaha, virtually. And we prepared to open our doors again.

Perhaps most importantly, though, we prayed for the kids we love – kids like our youngest member, Nylah – who was one of the first to return once our program opened again in August. We’ve seen such positive change in her and in her siblings, too. Nylah is eager to participate and learn. It’s incredible to witness a five-year-old to learn longer scripture passages! Her brother Tremaine has also changed tremendously. He’s been so welcoming to new kids, as their families feel comfortable sending them back to Hope. He really does take them under his wing to “show them the ropes”. He’ll help make sure kids get their dinner and that they have a fork or spoon, and he’ll help them get their headphones when those are needed.

After just one week of loving on our kids through a new early reading program, we implemented at Hope, all of our children scored above their reading levels!

Hope continues to welcome more and more students back, but it’s not just our current kids we love. Our alumni have starting meeting at Hope each month, and the Village Basketball Alliance held at Hope has also returned. Talk about ACTION – come check out a game at our location off 20th & Lake. The opportunities to take action, inspire HOPE and love kids is absolutely endless at The Hope Center for Kids.