Single Dad Receives Help & Hope

Heartland Hope Mission; Learn more: https://heartlandhopemission.org; Photo credit: Lisa Lopez

Melvin, 28, was working and going to school full-time before his job laid him off in April. “I had to take this quarter off and sign up for the next one because I can’t find anyone to watch my son while his daycare is shut down.” He is a single father to his disabled 4-year-old son. “He can’t walk or talk. It’s been rough. We haven’t gotten our stimulus check yet (as of April 23, 2020) so the food pantry at least helps put food in our bellies.” Due to his son’s underlying health issues, Melvin is paranoid about him going anywhere. “The anxiety of trying to find someone to watch my son while I run to the store is another challenge.” But he does see the bright side in all this. “At the same time, it’s given me time with my son.”

Melvin is just one of the many clients we have served at Heartland Hope Mission who never imagined himself in this position. “I’ve never visited a pantry. Before all of this, I was always good. I always had money, food, and security. But with everything going on, it’s completely stopped. I can’t go to work because I got my son and his daycare is closed…” When asked how he would feel if there were no immediate food assistance available, Melvin responded, “I would be scared. Food is what we have to rely on to give us comfort during these trying times. I’m grateful you guys are here because it’d be really crazy if you guys weren’t – people would be out here losing their minds. I’m really grateful.”