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This year has looked so different from all of the rest. Due to remote learning, many students “fell off” the radar of schools. GOALS saw a 72% increase in referrals and offered a Covid-19 outreach pilot to reach some of those aforementioned students. Our Family Advocate, Traci, worked with a 5th grader who was not completing assignments or logging on to Zoom classes daily.

After working with Traci, who helped mom build some structure and find connections to community resources, the family made drastic changes. Once Traci connected with the mom and encouraged her to communicate with her daughter’s school, she followed through and asked the school questions she had about where to find her daughter’s grades and assignments. This mom also got clarification by reaching out to her daughter’s school about how often her daughter needs to log on to Zoom each day and about assignments her daughter needs to make up from last semester.

Mom was very grateful for the support stating, “Your involvement has given me more confidence as a single mother trying to guide Isabella in the right way with her education. I feel you have our side and are try(ing) to understand the whole picture of what we have going on in our lives. It’s very refreshing and we always look forward to our meetings together.”