Crossroads Employees in Action to Help Battle COVID-19

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When Crossroads client Jessica was diagnosed with Covid-19, the first few days were fine. She was being cared for by staff who had recently recovered from the virus and still had antibodies making them immune. But when Savannah came in for her shift one morning, Jessica was miserable. She wouldn’t take a bath, she refused to eat or drink, and she wasn’t able to walk around on her own.

“She couldn’t breathe when she sat up,” Savannah said. “She couldn’t catch her breath, so she’d lay back down. She didn’t feel comfortable sitting up with that much pressure on her chest.”

Concerned, Savannah called her supervisor Anna to help get Jessica to the hospital.

“It was really scary to see her like that,” Anna said. “Everybody within Crossroads has underlying health conditions and that’s what scared us the most, that she was not going to make it with her oxygen being low and having pneumonia on top of that.”

Savannah picked her up under the knees, Anna held under her arms, and together they carried Jessica to the van and took her to the hospital.

“She’s nonverbal, so she can’t really tell you she’s scared,” Anna said, “but when we got to the hospital, she just grabbed me and hugged me and wouldn’t let go.”

After being transferred to a larger facility, Jessica spent a week in the hospital, waiting for her oxygen levels to increase.

“I had just gotten over Covid and returned to work when Jessica started declining,” Anna said, “so I was able to stay with her in the hospital while we waited for her to be transported.”

The experience shook Jessica and her roommates.

“Her roommates were really scared when they saw we couldn’t even get Jessica to walk outside,” Anna said. “Since the clients have all quarantined in the houses, they’ve gotten even closer with their roommates. Some are more like families now.”

It was a tough road, but, thankfully, Jessica is back home with her Crossroads family and staff say she’s back to her old self!