Alex O’Hanlon thins seedlings at City Sprouts South

City Sprouts; Learn more about: www.omahasprouts.org; Photo credit: Addie Gengenbach

We were just starting our season this year when COVID hit like a ton of bricks. I remember sitting at my desk when emails starting coming in from the many large volunteer groups we had scheduled for the spring. Everyone was regrettably canceling, and the reality of this pandemic started to set in. Our volunteers are integral to our success at City Sprouts, not only because of all the physical work they put in, but also because of the spirit of community and connectedness they bring to our gardens.

While our volunteer program really felt the effects of COVID, our community garden flourished. I think it was a mix of folks having a little more time on their hands, and the safety and refuge of spending time outdoors. This year I saw gardeners spending an incredible amount of time and energy on their garden plots. Folks came with their families and pods, were able to chat at a distance with other gardeners, experimented with different growing techniques and really maximized their space to grow a ton of food!