Meeting client’s needs in a virtual world

Child Saving Institute; Learn more: www.childsaving.org

Child Saving Institute’s Mental Health Services program provides therapy services to hundreds of children and families each year. Despite the pandemic, CSI’s licensed therapists provided services to more than 300 children and families in 2020. This was possible by the team’s quick shift to telehealth services – allowing children, adolescents and families to continue receiving much-needed therapy services remotely when in-person therapy was not feasible, ensuring the least amount of disruption as possible.

While the future is still unknown, CSI’s therapists continue to meet their client’s needs wherever they may be – providing therapy services both in-person and virtually. CSI also added a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to its Mental Health Services team in January 2021 allowing for Medication Management Services in combination with traditional therapy services. The addition of medication management allows the team to better serve youth and families in the Omaha community.

While challenges related to COVID continue, CSI’s talented therapists remain committed to serving clients and assisting children and families along their journey to mental wellness.