Changing Lives Together

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands; Learn more: https://www.bbbsomaha.org

Little Sister Natalie and Big Sister RosAnna have felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic more deeply than most Bigs and Littles. Last year, they each lost someone close to them because of COVID-19. Sixteen-year-old Natalie and her Big Sister RosAnna have been matched for over five years, and they have developed a strong relationship over this time. Through tears and mourning, the support they provide for one another has helped them through such a difficult moment in life. “This has brought us closer because we can talk about our loss and grieve together,” says Big Sister RosAnna. Sharing this moment has made an impact that will remain throughout their lives.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Big Sister RosAnna made Littles Sister Natalie a scrapbook of their favorite moments together (so far). Moments like this have the power to do so much during a time so challenging. No matter the crisis, having someone by your side can make all the difference – even from a distance.