Providing hope for individuals and referring them to nonprofit programs that can meet their needs

211 Helpline; Learn more about 211: www.ne211.org

Due to the pandemic, John’s hours were cut back at his job, and eventually, he was laid off. During this time, he and his fiancé, Emma, found out they were expecting twins, and Emma was put on bed rest. John was working odd jobs to make ends meet for Emma and their young son, but it wasn’t enough to cover all their bills.

When John called 211, 211 helped him find rent assistance and provided information about local food pantries. He told his 211 Community Resource Specialist, “I never thought I’d need to go to a food pantry, but I have to put food on the table for my family.” 

The 211 Helpline is here 24/7 to provide hope for these individuals and refers them to nonprofit programs that can meet their needs. In 2020, the 211 Helpline answered over 180,000 requests from our community.

One of our 211 Community Resource Specialists shared what it’s like working at the helpline, she said: “Each day I wake up, I tell myself, ‘There’s someone out there who needs you.’ The people that I talk with each day are truly wonderful people who have just fallen on hard times.”